Women´s literature award and a talk

On Sunday February 24th the Fjöruverðlaun women´s literature award will be given in Iceland.

After the award ceremony there will be a panel discussions led by Brynhildur Heiðar- og Ómarsdóttir on the role and identity of women in arts in Iceland. There discussion will be on whether, and why, and if there is still a need of a special award for the contribution of women in the different fields in arts in Iceland. Hlín Agnarsdóttir former director, Ragnhildur Jóhann artist, Sigrun Eldjárn artist and writer and Védís Hervör musician and chairman of the Association of women in music.

More on the awards in Icelandic here: http://sim.is/frettir/fjoruverdlaunin-i-idno-24-februar/Fjoruverdlaun


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